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The CURITIBA CONVENTION CENTER, has a privileged location in the center of Paraná state capital in southern Brazil. Known as "Glass Palace", stands out as ideal space for holding events and is connected to qualified hotel chains, rotating parking lots, banks, shopping malls, cinemas, recreational areas, attractions and transportation system, forming a network of key services available to visitors and event participants.
With a 8.426m2 area spread over 5 floors and 3 blocks where available an exceptional auditorium for 1,300 people, with amazing acoustics, a large stage and screen of 120m2, and large exclusive spaces for exhibitions and fairs, meeting rooms and support logistics. It is the space Ideal to give lectures, concerts, musicals, graduations, workshops, fairs, religious meetings and events in general.Our spaces can be used individually or jointly, as best suit your event. Make your budget and Welcome!



Agenda de Eventos
Junho 2017
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